Carpenter Brothers, Inc. is a dealer / distributor / representative for manufacturers of industrial supplies and equipment. Though foundry supplies and equipment have been and still make up the majority of products and sales, diversification has added products and services for the die casting, environmental, blast cleaning and surface finishing industries. Consumable products include metals and ferro-alloys such as Molybdenum, Silicon, Chromium, Manganese, Carbon, Aluminum, Inoculants and other specialty products. Also, included are sand additives, pre-blends, olivine, zircon and other specialty sands, chemical binders, refractory coatings, ceramic filters, and many more. Our equipment line includes sand preparation equipment including sand heaters and coolers, continuous mixers, and mullers. Also included are electronic sand laboratory equipment, automated core and molding machines, shake-out and material handling systems, sand reclaimers, robotics and complete turnkey foundry systems. Molten metal melting furnaces and transporting ladles are also represented.

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. promotes technical progress and success for the foundry and other industries. To this end, all Carpenter Brothers, Inc. divisions conduct several in-plant and invitational technical seminars each year. Subjects include "Casting Defects - Sand or Metal?" “Metallurgy of Sand Casting," "Sand Technology," "Melting Practice," "Computer Simulation," "Core Room Practice," "No Bake Binder Systems," "Metal Inoculation," and "Various Types of Foundry Equipment." Our personnel are always available for in-plant technical training, education, and service, including trouble-shooting casting defects, metallurgy and equipment problems.

The 100 years of Carpenter Brothers' continuing success is attributed to the high level expertise on specific foundry processes and products and the technical and manufacturing knowledge of our sales and customer service personnel.