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Foundry Equipment from Carpenter Brothers
Carpenter Brothers, Inc. offers a full range of foundry equipment
to meet the requirements of the Metalcasting Industry.
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Foundry Equipment

Green Sand Preparation Equipment

Full range of batch and continuous mullers for the efficient preparation of foundry molding sands.

Complete automatic muller and compatibility/ bond control accurately meters water, sand batch weight, and pneumatic bond additions, controls compatibility and available bond and measures temperature and moisture.

Continuous evaporative sand coolers, monitors incoming sand temperature, controlled moisture addition, continuous air to remove heat and provides preblending of sand.

Complete sand laboratory testing equipment utilizing modern instruments to provide all data necessary to run effective green sand or chemically bonded systems. Improved accuracy, digital calibration, data downloading and traceable standards.

Sand reclamation: complete systems for reclamation of chemically bonded and Bentonite bonded sands. These systems utilizing lump reduction, mechanical scrubbing or thermal reclamation and combinations for effective reuse of sand in your system. Systems that are 100% no bake foundry or green sand reclamation to be used back into green sand or into the core room. Each system is designed to meet the specific needs of the foundry.

Chemically Bonded Systems

High speed continuous mixers with single or articulated arms, variable height discharge, mobile mixers, for all no bake processes for 1- 100 tons/hour sand delivery, binder flow control and sand heating systems.

Complete molding systems for flask or flaskless no bake molds. Including compaction tables, power conveyor, rollovers, flo coating, drying ovens, automatic or manual mold closing, pouring and cooling lines, shakeouts, lump reduction, sand cooling and pneumatic transporters.

3D Sand Printing Machines

Foundry accepted binder is printed onto over lapping layers of sand to produce a sand core or mold without a pattern. Wide range of sizes are available.

Hard Tooling

Custom Hard Patterns for vertical, horizontal and no bake molding and core boxes, whether metal, plastic or wood.

Core Machines

For the production of cold box, hot box and shell core machine capacity from ounces to over 400#.

Cold box core centers with core sand preparation and distribution, sand temperature control, volumetric systems, batch or continuous mixers, core machines with complete plc controls, gas generators, scrubbers, core handling with robotics or manipulators, core assembly and dipping.

Industrial Ovens

With new patent pending technology using variable frequency airflow drives which significantly increases airflow, temperature uniformity and heat transfer, all attained with a reduction of energy usage.


Rugged reliable equipment designed specifically for a harsh foundry environment. Systems are designed to capture and remove emissions from cold box core machines such as trielhylamine (TEA), dimelhylelhylamine (DMEA) and sulfur dioxide (SO2).

Thermal Oxidizers

Air pollution control systems for volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hazardous air pollutants (HAP). These thermal oxidizers and heat recovery systems control emissions from core making, shell sand coating, and pouring/cooling/shakeout. These oxidizers are considered Best Available Control Technology (BACT) and can achieve 99.9% removal efficiencies.

Dust Collection Systems

We engineer, fabricate and install systems and components to facilitate the removal of dust and other particles for disposal or recycling.

Dust Collection Services

Periodic service checkups, sheet metal repair, in-field dynamic for balancing, fan and blower repair and rebuilding are the numerous services offered.

Thermal Analysis Equipment

This equipment provides steel, iron, aluminum, and copper producers with integrated measurement systems consisting of a sensor, instrumentations, and associated hardware.

These systems provide a wide range of measurements including those for temperatures, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Continuous measurement systems are also available.


Stack or Tower Melters
With high energy efficiency and low metal loss, these aluminum melting systems are available in sizes ranging from 500 to 17,000 Lbs. per hour melt rate.

Holding Furnaces
Holding furnaces are designed to provide constant temperature aluminum at the casting source.

Launder Systems
Launder systems provide a low operations cost method of hot metal transfer from melter to holding furnace.


Transfer, pouring, Mod-Tundish, custom ladles and accessories are available. Heavy duty gearing provides easy, safe handling. Specialized foundry ladles for processing ductile iron that will meet your manufacturing requirements.

Engineering Services

Our service encompasses all phases of project implementation, from concept to start-up, from renovating existing equipment and facilities to new facilities and equipment.

Our systems integration engineers have the experience required to make your project a success.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Automation / Robotics
Sand Silos
Conveying & Vibratory Systems
Heat Treat Ovens
Industrial Vacuum Systems
Portable Hardness Testing