Industrial Supplies & Equipment
Celebrating 100 Years 1917 - 2017
Industrial Equipment from Carpenter Brothers
Carpenter Brothers, Inc. offers a full range of industrial equipment
to meet the requirements of the Metalcasting Industry.
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Industrial Equipment

Furnaces and Molten Metal Handling

Tower Melter – A highly energy efficient, low metal loss, Aluminum melting system with sizes ranging from 1000 to 10,000 lbs per hour melt rate.

Dosing Furnaces – An Aluminum Dosing System that provides consistent temperature, shot accuracy, longevity, and low maintenance requirements.

Crucible Furnaces – A low cost approach to multiple alloy requirements, or low to medium volumes (under 1000 lbs per hour). Available in both electric and gas-fired in various sizes.

Transport ladles with or without rotation drives
Flux sprayers and injection equipment
Sow and Ingot molds
Hand pour ladles
Metal filters in various sizes, thicknesses, and densities


Various sizes of crucibles and base blocks are available for both electric and gas-fired Aluminum crucible furnaces. Cast Iron Pots are available for Zinc Die Casters.

Metals and Alloys

Mag Butt Ends - Used to increase the magnesium content of aluminum alloys for special applications.

10% Strontium Rods – Disperses porosity and increases mechanical strength of aluminum alloys containing silicon.

Aluminum TiBor – Titanium Boron is a grain refiner that increases fluidity and mechanical properties of aluminum.

Other alloys used by Primary and Secondary Smelters of Aluminum:
Cast Iron, Copper, Magnesium Sticks, Manganese Aluminum, 99% Silicon Metal, Chrome Aluminum, Iron Powder, Ti Pucks, Copper.


Fluxes are available in various formulations and grades for Furnace Wall Cleaning, Furnace Drossing, and Injection in both furnace and transport ladles.

Casting Cell Automation

Robots for Spray and Extraction
Cooling racks and conveyors
Reciprocal Sprayers
Vision Systems for part verification
Part Labeling Systems
Trim Presses
Mist Collection Systems

Lubricants and Coatings

Various Die Releases and Plunger lubricants for differing alloys and temperatures
Water/Glycol or synthetic Hydraulic fluids

Miscellaneous Products

Dip well Thermocouples and Protection tubes
Ladle Anti-wetting Coatings
High Temperature anti-seize sprays and pastes for different applications
Refractory blanket in various sizes and grades

Environmental Products and Equipment

Dust Collection
Bags for Dust Collectors
Dust Leak Detection
Injection products for gas and odor scrubbing

Finishing Equipment and Abrasives

Blast Machines in various sizes and configurations
Vibratory finish machines and dryers
Cast Shot and Cut Wire from steel, stainless steel, zinc
Vibratory Media